Silesian University, School of Business Administration in Karvina is organizing the 6th conference “OpenSource Solutions in Networks 2020 – Cyber Security”.

The conference will take place on November 5, 2020 and it will be ONLINE. The conference is intended mainly for the general professional and non-professional public and students and its goal is to present participants with new trends and possibilities of open source and commercial software and its use in networks, this time in direct relation to a issue of the cyber security.

The conference is prepared and organized by the Institute of Information Technology and the Department of Informatics and Mathematics of SU OPF in Karviná.

Participation in ORS conference is FREE and ONLINE !!!


Lecturers have following options for promoting open source:

– prepare a presentation on a topic focused on a theme of the conference and news from the field of open source (approx. 20 minutes of presentation + 10 minutes for discussion)

– prepare a workshop with practical examples of some open source solutions (60 minutes)

In case of questions, contact us: